Sunday, November 18, 2007

Governor Jefferson speaks wise words

Governor Jefferson shares with the Church in the Courthouse congregation
words of his Proclamation for Prayer and Thanksgiving for
the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Jefferson's Pastor Clay preaches Revolutionary Sermon

Jefferson's Pastor Clay preaches Revolutionary sermon...

General Washington preaches seeking Apostles of Liberty

General Washington preaches seeking Apostles of Liberty

That man to the left in the photo above, Jefferson (alias Stephen McDowell) he is the author of the book below... (a very good book to read)
"Apostle of Liberty:
The World Changing Leadership of George Washington"

Get your copy now... click here...

And the author autographed a copy and presented it to "George Washington" after the Revolutionary Church Service where "The General" preached seeking "Apostles of Liberty" to join the American Army as Prayer Warriors so to win the Yorktown Victory in Jesus!

Music from Maryland for Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival

Music from Maryland for the Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival

Apostles Creed Prayer at Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival in Charlottesville

Apostles Creed Prayer at Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival

Welcome comments for folks of Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival on Son-day

Welcome Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving a.d. 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Free as the Air" soldier...

Before his part in "Free As The Air"
wounded Revolutionary soldier checked by General Washington

Friday, November 16, 2007

Virginia Militia General and Patriot Thomas Nelson of Yorktown meets secretly with General Washington

The great patriot Thomas Nelson, Jr. of Yorktown, who serves as Brigadier General of the Virginia Militia secretly meets with his distant cousin George Washington who serves as General and Commander in Chief of the Continental forces to plan the entrapment of the British in Yorktown after their marauding through the Carolinas and Virginia.

4 minute video

Did GW have wooden teeth?

Did GW have wooden teeth?

3 minutes of entertaining education.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

GW met Hendry family that Lives History at Jefferson Thanksgiving in a.d. 2005

At the Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival in Charlottesville in a.d. 2005, "GW" met Jim and Shelley Hendry and their fine cast of children, who together live His Story.

They have His Image Ministry, that you can visit by "clicking" the ministry name or putting the URL below in your Internet browser. They can come to your school or church to share some Christian History with you.

Enjoy, Enjoy!

At Charlottesville Courthouse, Colonel Clark & General Washington recruit

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival a.d. 2004 ArmyMenNowAndThen


The man on the left is an Army Special Forces medical doctor (and "War Eagle" Auburn grad) just back from Afghanistan who came to meet "General Washington" who had the year before enlisted his children into the Army of Washington as "Prayer Warriors" to "pray for your Papa, Mama, brothers and sisters, friends and family, and all those defending Liberty all around the world." as "GW" asks each child to do.

His children excitedly told him over the long distance telephone line how General Washington was praying for him and having children all across America pray with him, reminding the children they were "just as powerful as General George Washington as a Prayer Warrior because our loving Father God in Heaven listens to all our prayers equally."

Monday, June 14, 2004

One of President Jefferson's Prescribed School Books?

President Jefferson also served as Chairman of the Washington schools when he lived in the Executive Mansion (later The White House). Jefferson reportedly said that two books WOULD be used in the Washington schools, other books COULD be used. The prescribed two books were the Holy Bible and the Isaac Watts Hymnal.

The questions are:
(1) Which translation of the Holy Bible, the King James Version, or some other? and
(2) Which Isaac Watts Hymnal, the famous "Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs" or this hymn book for children titled "Divine & Moral Songs for Children"?

One of President Jefferson's Prescribed School Books? Title Page...

At a convention in Valley Forge promoting this Constitution, "GW" had the great good fortune to meet Mrs. Carris Kocher who compiled, arranged and edited this collection of Isaac Watts songs for children.

Isaac Watts biography


Saturday, November 23, 2002

a.d. 2002 Front Cover of local weekly real estate magazine

"General Washington" on his knees in Prayer on Main Street in Charlottesville during the Governor Jefferson Thanksgiving Festival.

Front cover of weekly real estate magazine